It’s finally here! We are extremely proud to announce this year’s CineFringe Film Festival programme! 4 screenings, 24 top class shorts, from hundreds of entries and 12 countries. Our main screenings at Sweet Venues are the best selection of films we have ever shown, and add to that a special one-off selection of films curated by Edinburgh’s Summerhall and we have our biggest festival yet. Want to know more? Click on each film to read all about them in the filmmaker’s own words, then buy your tickets here!


Everything and anything goes in this international screening, delivering every film-art form from Edinburgh to Bangladesh. Drama mixes with documentary and tumbles into spellbinding animation. Ever wonder how a mutant crab rides a horse? You will my friends. You will.

Believe by Richard Addlesee (UK)

Ferngesteuert (Controlled) by Hendrik Maximilian Schmitt (Germany)

Reverie by Valentin Gagarin / Shujun Wong / Robert Wincierz (Germany)

Platform 12 by Hannan Majid / Richard York (Bangladesh / UK)

Decapoda Shock by Javier Chillon (Spain)

Notes On Blindness: Rainfall by Peter Middleton / James Spinney (UK)

A screen cocktail mixing weapons of mass destruction, hand drawn puppet genitals, an action figure in existential crisis and a parable on the dangers of owning a paper menagerie. Shake in compelling home-grown and Iranian drama and you’ll be so drunk on film, you’ll need to re-learn the alphabet…

Our Precious Bombs by Adam Rosenberg (USA)

Driftwood by James Webber (UK)

LSD ABC by François Grumelin-Sohn & Laura Sicouri (France)

The Talk by Students of Tiverton High School supported by My Pockets (UK)

Wild Life by Kevin Maynard (UK)

Honeymoon by Pouya Nabbi (Iran)

Via Tango by Adriana Navarro (Spain)

The Diver by Damon Mohl (USA)

See how many famous faces you can spot in this screening that boasts visions of mankind’s future, the tragedy of family loss, the strength of those who overcome such tragedy and an alien with bad TV reception.

The Future by Alex Goddard (UK)

EMIT by J S Mayank (USA)

H.B. by Students of Tiverton High School supported by My Pockets (UK)

The River by Tarquin Netherway (Australia)

Peekaboo by Debbie Howard (UK)

Pink Flora Collection by Christopher Bevan (UK)

Cognition is Beautiful. It’s beautiful to know. CineFringe Film Festival and Summerhall partner up to present 6 specially chosen Short films exploring the transient line between dream world and reality, of cognition vs unfamiliarity.

This 65 minute screening features a mixture of works from this year’s Fringe Film Festival alongside several films exclusively curated for Summerhall. Genres will be dismantled and realities questioned in this pic and mix of animation, drama, documentary and the experimental.

Takes place at Summerhall, 1 Summerhall, Edinburgh EH9 1PL. You can purchase tickets HERE

Notes On Blindness: Rainfall by Peter Middleton / James Spinney (UK)

28 Minutes by Brett Evans Biedschied (UK)

Smaller than the Sky by Abdullah Hassan Ahmed (UAE)

In the Shadow of Eli by Tom Coulson / Hamish Anderson (UK)

Déjà vu by Jean-Guillaume Bastien (Canada)

Reverie by Valentin Gagarin / Shujun Wong / Robert Wincierz (Germany)