VIRAL FILMMAKING, PART FIVE – by writer/director James Sampson
Jul 2013 05

The fifth part of our blog from Bristol director James Sampson has taken a little longer than usual to get here – and there’s plenty of reasons why! Below we can finally see James’ ‘virus’ of an idea truly come alive, through festival recognition for the script, to the launch of the crowdfunding campaign, to the shoot itself! If you can help with getting this great-looking project finished, there’s still a couple of weeks of Conversations With Strangers‘ indiegogo campaign to go. To catch up with the previous blog, click right here!


VIRAL FILMMAKING, PART FOUR – by writer/director James Sampson
Apr 2013 26

Part Four of our blog series following a short film project from concept to screen is here! All the fun parts of development and pre-production are over, and Conversations With Strangers director James Sampson is getting a bit of a thumping from the real world. As usual we’ve provided a link to anything all you other DIY filmmakers might be interested in.

Speaking of links, you can catch up on the rest of this series by clicking on Parts One, Two, and Three!


VIRAL FILMMAKING, PART THREE – by writer/director James Sampson
Mar 2013 24

Part Three of our blog series sees Bristol filmmaker James Sampson emerge from the dark cave of development into the harsh glare of pre-production, as the bigger wheels start turning on his new short Conversations With Strangers. James’ skill with a metaphor knows no bounds – this week, it’s badminton. I love this guy.

Follow the links to catch up on parts One and Two!


VIRAL FILMMAKING, PART TWO – by writer/director James Sampson
Mar 2013 01

Our new series following independent filmmaker James Sampson as he builds his latest short film from the ground up continues! Last time James shared how a simple idea can grab hold of a filmmaker like a virus. Part Two explores everything he needs to assemble in order to reach the milestone we know as…the first draft! Read on, or head here to catch up with Part One! [..]

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